Quizlet: An awesome vocabulary learning tool
Quizlet: An awesome vocabulary learning tool

First Quizlet is useful vocabulary learning tool, and always it’s free. But you can also try some premium function. I used it first time about 3 years ago. I made some flashcard, and it make my more efficiently in learning vocabulary.

Let’s get start!

Access to Quizlet
Log in to Quizlet

Creating a study set

Creating your own study set allows you to focus on exactly what you want to learn on Quizlet. You can create two different types of sets:

To get started, select Create at the top of any page on Quizlet.

Using Quizlet on iOS or Android? Please read the linked articles for instructions on creating sets on our mobile apps.
Create a set

Enter a title for your set. To add an optional description, select the icon above the diagram image upload box.

Sets on Quizlet are public by default, but you can restrict visibility to people with a password or specific classes you create. You can also make your sets private so they’re only available to you.

Select Change below Visible to everyone to change your set’s visibility permissions.
Variable Options

Creating a text-based set

Select the first text box and start typing your first term. In most cases, Quizlet will auto-detect the language. To open the language selection menu, select Choose Language for either your terms or definitions. You’ll see a tray below the term or definition text box with accents and special characters if the language you’re typing in has them.

To add a definition, select the next text box or press the Tab key.

Select the next row to continue adding terms and definitions.

Using auto-suggestions

When you start typing a term, Quizlet will show you popular terms added by other users that match the letters you’ve typed. To choose an auto-suggested term, select the one you want from the list below a term text box. 

Once you’ve chosen a term or typed one in, Quizlet will show you the most popular definitions other users have entered for that term. To choose an auto-suggested definition, select it from the list below a definition text box. 

To disable auto-suggestions, select the suggestions icon. 

Adding images from the Quizlet gallery

All Quizlet users can add images to sets from Quizlet’s free image gallery.

To choose an image from the gallery, select the image icon. Then, select the image you want to add to your definition.
Choose a image from gallery

Formatting text

You can make text bold by putting it between asterisks, *like this*. We don’t currently offer other text formatting options, but hope to add more in the future!

Uploading your own images

Quizlet users with Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher accounts can upload their own images.

To upload an image, select the image icon. Then, select Or upload your own image. You can also add images by dragging them from your desktop into a definition text box.
Upload images

After five rows, you can select +ADD CARD or press the Tab key to add more terms and definitions to your set. Quizlet automatically saves your work while you’re creating and editing sets. You can check to see how many of your terms have been successfully auto-saved at the top of the Create Set page.

When you’re finished, select Create to save and publish your set.

Creating a diagram set

To get started, drag and drop or upload a diagram image at the top of the Create Set page.

Both free and upgraded Quizlet users can upload an image to create a diagram set. Quizlet accepts JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, and GIF images with a max file size of 3MB. 

If the image you added has text on it, you can blur that text out by selecting edit and then the blur option. Click and drag over text or a section of your diagram to blur it out.

When you’re finished, select the checkmark to save your changes.

Adding points to a diagram

Select the point icon, then choose a location on your diagram. To add a point to a very specific location, zoom in on the image.

Add a term to your point; definitions are optional. In most cases, Quizlet will auto-detect the language. To open the language selection menu, select Choose Language

Quizlet users with free accounts can add up to eight points to a diagram. Quizlet Plusand Quizlet Teacher users can add points for all of a set’s terms.

Removing points from a diagram

To remove a point, select the point and open the More menu. Then, select Remove from diagram

The terms and definitions associated with points you remove will not be deleted.

Linking terms to points

To link a term you’ve already typed with a point, add a point to your diagram. Start typing the term you want to link and Quizlet will auto-fill the term.

Adding custom shapes

Quizlet Plus and Quizlet Teacher users can add rectangles and custom shapes to diagrams. To switch between adding points and creating rectangles or custom shapes, select the appropriate icon from the menu to the left of your diagram.

When you’re finished, select Create to save and publish your set.

Editing or deleting a set

You can easily edit or delete sets you’ve created on the Quizlet website. Using Quizlet on an iOS or Android device? Check out the linked articles for instructions on editing sets on the apps.

To edit a set on the Quizlet website, go to the set page and select the edit icon.

To change your set’s title, select the existing title. To edit or add an optional set description, select edit and then select the i icon above the diagram image upload box.

Editing a set

Updating privacy and editing permissions

To adjust your set’s visibility or editing permissions, select Change below the current setting.

Changing term or definition language

Select a term or definition. Then, select the text of the current language to choose a new language for that side of your set from the language selection menu.

Adding terms and definitions

Select + Add card at the bottom of the page, or select the last definition and press the Tab key.

To insert a row in the middle of your set, use your cursor to hover between two rows and select the plus icon.

Re-ordering terms and definitions

You can drag and drop rows to reorder them within your set. Hover over the row until your cursor becomes an arrow, then select and drag the row to its new location.

To swap terms and definitions between columns, select the double-sided arrow

Deleting terms and definitions

To delete a row, hover over the row number. Then, select the trash can.

When you’re finished, select Done to save your changes.

Deleting a set you created

Go to the set page and open the More menu. Then, select Delete.

Combining multiple sets

With Combine, you can study several sets at one time — or even create a completely new set comprised of several existing sets.

To get started, go to the set page of the first set you want to add to your combination. Select the More menu, then select Combine.

This will take you to the Combine page where you’ll see your created sets, sets in your classes, and sets in your folders. To add sets to your combination, select the Plus button to the right of any set title.

As you add sets, the titles will show up in the left column of the Combine page. You can also search for sets if you want to add new content. 

To start studying your new combination right away, open the dropdown menu below your set titles and select the study mode you want, then select Go. Please note that this will only let you study your combination — it doesn’t save the combination to your account.

To save your combination, select Create a set from the dropdown menu and then select Go.

Once you save your combination from the Create Set page by selecting Create at the top of the page, you’ll be good to go! And don’t worry — this won’t delete the original sets you combined, it will simply create a new set comprised of all of them.

Finding your teacher’s class

Always when your teacher tell you to use Quizlet, you need to add your set to the class which your teacher gave you.

In order to join a class, you’ll need to create a free Quizlet account or log into your existing account. You can join up to eight classes with a free Quizlet account, and unlimited classes with an upgraded Quizlet Plus account. 

Once you’re logged in, select the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page. Type your teacher’s Quizlet username into the text box and press Enter to search. Select Users to see a list of matching search results, and select your teacher’s username to go to their Quizlet profile page. 

Select your teacher’s username to go to their profile page and select Classes to view a list of all of the classes they’ve created. Then, select the title of the class you want to join.

From the class page, select Request to join. Your teacher will receive a notification that you’ve requested to join their class. 

You’ll need to wait until your teacher accepts your request to join before you can see private sets in the class. Please note that if you request to join a class created by someone you don’t know, it’s unlikely that they will accept that request. In these situations, we recommend searching for public sets on the topics you’re looking for — there should be plenty to choose from!


Can’t create the set because of undetected language?
Choose language when it can’t be detected.

I met a problem of this, because sometimes you type some punctuation in your words. That makes Quizlet can’t detect your language. So you need to choose your language by yourself or you can try to delete some punctuation. It will get it.

Don’t see the option to delete a set from Latest Activity. How can I remove it?

It’s not possible to delete sets you didn’t create, but you can remove sets made by others from your Latest Activity feed. First, select Your Study Sets from the left sidebar of your logged-in homepage. Then, select Studied, open the More menu next to the title of the set you want to remove, and select Remove.
Remove set from Quizlet


If you have any question about using Quizlet, you can leave a comment for quick.

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Quizlet: An awesome vocabulary learning tool
Quizlet: An awesome vocabulary learning tool First Quizlet is useful vocabulary learning tool, and always it's free. But you can also try some premium function. I used it …