Number of ways to get into myTrent

myTrent is an important portal for Trent students to getting help (selecting courses, hand on assignment, check for finance, get housing services, even look for transitions and careers) 

Here is some simple way to access to myTrent.

myTrent Portal
  1. Type mytrent on Google and click the first one or the second one to visit myTrent
Search myTrent on Google

2. Login from Trent University Homepage

Login to myTrent from Trent University Homepage

When you at Trent University Homepage. You can click the menu bottom, then click myTrent on the navigation to access to myTrent

Login to myTrent on mobile phone

It looks like this on your portal devices.


Q: What can I do to login to myTrent when it shown like this?

myTrent shows in frame

A: When your see this interface, which means you already login to myTrent.  It shows in a frame. You can visited to access myTrent without login.


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