How to use Trent University Online Library

Online libraries is very popular when when research for some assignments. Most of universities got their own online libraries. Like Apollo from Cambridge University, MIT Libraries and UoT Libraries. I didn’t know about the libraries until my professor told us. I used to use Google Scholar for research. But some expensive resource really annoyed me. 

Trent Online Library

Access to Library

Here we go:

If you can’t remember this address, don’t worry, you can find it on myTrent. Here is the way:

Search library on search box
Bata Library and Library search is on the toolbar 

The 2nd icon on the toolbar is Bata library, and the 5th icon is library search.

Well, if you can’t find the library icon, you can search in the search box on the top (you need to click search on the menu to find the search box when you using mobile device).

Search for library on myTrent

Everything are there if you search library on myTrent. You can Pin the icon to the toolbar for daily using.

Search in Library

What we need to do now is click the Bata Library icon to access Online Library. The page of Durham Library is some introduction about it, and Library Search is also the search through Bata Library. Policy Library as its name is about policies. Choose whatever you like.

Trent University Online Library

Huh, here it is. You can type the keywords in the form and you can slide down the search in menu to choose where you looking at.

Library Catalogue

After you click Library Catalogue, you can find Oshawa Branch is also included in your search. 

Trent University Library Advanced Search

Advanced search is also very useful if you search for specific sources.

Trent University Library

If you borrow some books from Bata Library. You can renew online. You can find more detail about your library account just after you click Library Account on the side menu. 

Library Account of Trent

If you want see more links related to Trent University Library in different categories, please follow this link. 

Database of Trent University Library

Click Database A-Z, and click View More Results or Complete Database A-Z List. They’re the same links. 

Search and choose a database related to your topic and you can find what your want. 

Type of database

The icon behind the title show what type the database is. Like access permission. Often the link post to
for some login process. 

My professor said the school pay for it whatever we use it. It’s believed more advanced than we visited it directly. However, I found Google Scholar in the list, but it still shows some paid sources. Thus I recommend you to use some source with green lock. 

Many of functions on Trent University Library may not on the list, discover more and you can comment below here.

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