How to use Trent Google Drive like a Pro

Almost everyone in Trent know how to upload your essay or assignment to Google Drive. Don’t you know: you got a nearly infinity cloud storage drive when you enter Trent University. Also, you can use it like a local disk.

Let me show you!
Use Trent Google Drive as Network Drive

You may haven’t see this screen before, but it’s excatly how large it is.

1EB=1000PB 1PB=1000TB 1TB=1000MB 1MB=1000kB 1kB=1000B

That’s a Google Drive plan for education called infinity cloud storage.

Oaf, you won’t use that much.

Use Trent Google Drive like local disk

Sometime, if you have a assignment need to upload to Google Drive share with you professors or you get a paper need to print out. Usually you do is open Google search for Google Drive and fill in your myTrent account and password and drag your files to Google Drive. Sometime you do it at home and you need to log in papercut or use computer near printers at school. Then log in your Google Drive download and send task to papercut or directly to printers.

Don’t you feel annoyed about that?

Let me introduce you a tool improve your work efficiency

RaiDrive is an open source web mapping tool that supports Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV. The tool is currently only available in Windows.


Use this tool you can easily drag you file to Trent Google Drive without login your Google Drive. Also you can directly to Google Drive.

RaiDrive in This PC looks like

Someone may ask: why don’t you use Google Docs to edit document online.

It’s it say sometimes functions of Google Docs or Google Slide is a bit of limited due to they are web app. Especially the Google Slide, there are only a few templates and animations on it.

Plus Google Docs is not very friendly for some edler people. Sometime you can’t quiclty find the button on their user surface.

RaiDrive has another benefit: you can open your files directly on your Google Drive and edit, once you save your file. It will automatically save to your Google Drive NOT limited in document files. (It will make a cache on your local disk, and it will be delete when you exit RaiDrive or shutdown your computer)

Download RaiDrive

Download Link

Here is the link to RaiDrive offical website:

How to connect to RaiDrive

Connect you Trent Google Drive to RaiDrive

Once you install RaiDrive, you can see this screen. What you need to do just few steps. Click add button on the top bar, choose Google Drive for Trent Google Drive. (You can choose whatever you want to use) (Sometime you are at Google blocking area, or you are using proxy to Google Drive. Check proxy option and fill in the form)

Connect to Google Drive

Once you click OK, a window will be poped up ask you permission to connect RaiDrive to you Google account. This is pretty safe, because the link is Google offical. It only be authorized to create, edit or delete your files on Google Drive.

You are all set up, enjoy!

If you have any question about how to use RaiDrive, comment below here.


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