How to access and use Blackboard

For some course information and learning resources. You need to visit Blackboard, which has another name for Trent, Trent Learning System.

How to visit Blackboard

When you login to myTrent, you can see an icon on the widget just at the bottom. (Bb)  The icon should be here with default setting.
Click that icon.

Blackboard on the widget

If you can’t find that icon, maybe you just put it to the list when you careless. Don’t worry, the all function is here on the list. You can click Academics on the top menu and find this. Then click it to visit Blackboard or you can drag it to your bottom widget and you will see it the next time you visit.

Blackboard is here after you click academic

Or search is available on myTrent. It’s on the top right. Search blackboard to get it.

Search Blackboard on myTrent

How to use Blackboard

I already posted an introduction of Blackboard on the blog. 

Some inform you need to notice is in the My Announcements panel.

If you want to get document for your assignment or professor may posted some power point and handout on it. (My Courses)

My Courses on Blackboard
Course Content on the Blackboard

Just follow the links. Then you can find what you need. There is a breadcrumbs on the top. It will help you knowing where you are in the Blackboard and which document you are looking at. 

There is anther useful function on Blackboard: the Calendar.

Find Calendar on the Tools panel

If you get some events to go or the outline. You can find them on your calendar or you can put it on. It can remind you when you login to blackboard. 

Create a event on calendar

If you have any question or something want to share. Just leave a comment.


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